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圣赌博平台网站大全 Creates Leaders, TIME Says
赌博娱乐平台网址大全 named among top schools in nation for developing leadership

圣赌博平台网站大全 is among the top colleges in the nation for creating leaders, according to a TIME 杂志分析.

TIME, in partnership with data-gathering platform Statista, has released a new ranking for the Best Colleges for Future Leaders, with 赌博娱乐平台网址大全 checking in at No. 62. This list includes heavyweights from the Ivy League, along with large research universities and other household names that have significant research and graduate programs.

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赌博娱乐平台网址大全 is a school known for pairing the resources of a larger school with a small-school environment that fosters hands-on opportunities and faculty attention, strong community connections, and a tight-knit alumni network. This ranking is yet another example of 赌博娱乐平台网址大全 continuing to turn heads on a national stage: see our recent surges in rankings from major publications such as 利基市场 和 U.S 新闻 and World Report.

This ranking is another reflection of 赌博娱乐平台网址大全’s consistent track record of student success—recent graduating classes have seen a 98% positive outcomes rate, meaning nearly all 赌博娱乐平台网址大全 graduates in the Classes of 2021 and 2022 had jobs or were accepted to graduate school within 6 months of graduation.

And as a liberal arts college, 赌博娱乐平台网址大全 also represents a unique facet in these TIME rankings as one of only 6 liberal arts schools on the list, which are typically known for producing well rounded critical thinkers and problem-solvers after graduation.

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对于排名, TIME and Statista “analyzed the resumés of 2,000 top leaders in the U.S.政客们, 首席执行官们, 工会领导人, 诺贝尔奖得主, and more across sectors—to assemble a list of the universities and colleges where they received their degrees.”

赌博娱乐平台网址大全’s success on this list is no secret: the University’s enduring values, and a commitment to student success and wellbeing, continue to spur us forward. 

Those values are—and remain:

的记录 持久的卓越, where academic rigor meets strong hands-on opportunities that give Tigers the chance to start leading before they even enter their career fields.

承诺 Intentional Inclusion, where 赌博娱乐平台网址大全 brings a wealth of talented and knowledgeable students with perspectives from all walks of life to campus. And the University does more than 告诉 them they belong in leadership positions: 赌博娱乐平台网址大全 connects them with institutional resources and support that 显示 them their school has got their back.

也是一种快乐 Perpetual Discovery, where Tigers learn 如何 to grow, adapt and innovate throughout every phase of their lives.

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简单地说, aspiring leaders thrive at 圣赌博平台网站大全 because they learn the importance of being curious. 

They know 如何 to answer questions and question answers. They know 如何 to reach across differences and divides to build bridges, because they spend their college days making connections between disciplines and career fields

And because Tigers know 如何 to be curious, they know 如何 important it is to lead with compassion—to be driven to make our world a better place.

With that type of spirit and passion, 赌博娱乐平台网址大全 can’t wait to see what the next generation of leaders has in store for the world.


For 150 years, 圣赌博平台网站大全 has transformed challenge into boundless opportunity. Join the force in motion at www.赌博娱乐平台网址大全.edu.

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